The following are the governing bodies of the Institute:

The President is elected by the Board of Institutional Members based on a nomination by the Rector of the University of Trento. The President convenes and presides over the Board of Institutional Members, the Steering Committee and the Management Committee and is the legal representative of the Foundation.

The Board of Institutional Members is composed of the legal representatives of the Institutional Members or their delegates. The Board decides on: matters concerning change to the Statute; dissolution of the Foundation; and appointment of the President, Vice President, members of the Management Committee, and members of the Advisory Board.

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from all the Institutional and Ordinary Members and performs the general function of exercising direction and control over the centre’s activities. In particular, it is responsible for decisions regarding approval of multi-year planning documents, appointment of the Board of Auditors, and approval of the proposed and actual budgets.

The Management Committee is composed of the President and three to eight members elected by the Board of Institutional Members. The tasks of this Committee include: deciding on matters concerning the activities of Euricse in pursuit of its aims, deliberating on the admission of new members on the basis of the regulations approved by the Steering Committee, defining the organization’s structure, deliberating on any action concerning assets and financial matters, and appointing a Scientific Committee. The current composition of the Management Committee is as follows:

> President Carlo Borzaga
> Vice President Diego Schelfi
>CEO Gianluca Salvatori
> Management Committee Members: Michele Odorizzi, Felice Scalvini, Eleonora Stenico. Walter Bruni, Sergio Bettotti,

The Board of Auditors is composed of three members nominated by the Steering Committee. The Board is responsible for supervision of Euricse’s administrative management, as well as compliance with the law and with the Statute. The current composition of the Board of Auditors is as follows:

> President Pompeo Viganò
> Board of Auditors Members Andrea Giovanardi, Giovanni Nicolussi

The Advisory Board serves to ensure that the activities undertaken by the Institute are consistent with its statutory purposes and of an adequate scientific quality. In particular, the Steering Committee relies on the Advisory Board for advice concerning the research to be undertaken or promoted by Euricse, and to validate the results obtained. The current composition of the Advisory Board is as follows:

> Sir Partha Dasgupta, Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics and Fellow of St. Johns College - University of Cambridge
> Jacques Defourny, Full Professor at the Université de Liėge
> Stefano Zamagni, Full Professor at the Università di Bologna
> Alban D'Amours, Mouvement Desjardins

 Interview with Partha Dasgupta

Advisory Board Evaluation Remarks

On the 7th of October, 2011, the EURICSE Advisory Board met at the EURICSE Offices in Trento. The Advisory Board members in attendance were: Jacques Defourny (University of Liège), Alban D'Amours (Desjardins Group), Stefano Zamagni (University of Bologna).
Prior to the meeting, the Euricse staff had provided a detailed report of the scientific production of the Institute over the past two years. The meeting was dedicated to a comprehensive presentation of the organization's main activities, focusing in particular on the six research areas, followed by a discussion with the Advisory Board members.
Based on the discussion at the meeting and on a careful review of the written report previously submitted, the Advisory Board provided the following evaluation of the research activities of the Institute.

Advisory Board Evaluation Remarks