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Riccardo Bodini

Riccardo received his undergraduate degree from the University of Bologna in Communication Studies and a Master in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. He then spent seven years in Chicago working for an urban economic development consulting firm, where he worked closely with businesses, foundations, think tanks, government, and community-based organizations on a variety of applied research projects. In January 2010 he joined Euricse, where he applies his experience in research and project management to the development of new projects and fundraising.

M. riccardo.bodini(at)
T. +39 0461 28 27 89

Aleksandra Bobic

After nearly ten years of experience as a journalist for a Serbian newspaper and two years as a correspondent in Italy, Aleksandra joined Issan in 2005. At Euricse she oversees communications, website management and the organization of events.

M. aleksandra.bobic(at)
T. +390461 28 37 82

Ilana Gotz

Ilana has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from UCLA and a Master’s degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. She joined Euricse in January 2010 after working in Chicago as the director of a coalition focused on community development and public health. At Euricse she is working with the Communications area on developing an online journal as well as providing English editing and revision of texts.

M. ilana.gotz(at)
T. +39 0461 28 37 55

Chiara Carini

Chiara Carini has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and ICT management and a Master's degree in Theories and methods for information management from the University of Brescia (Italy). Since her degree she has been working on social and economic data collection and analysis, with particular attention to the techniques for data warehouses construction. At Euricse she is responsible for the collection and analysis of socio-economic data about Italian cooperatives and social enterprises.

M. chiara.carini(at)
T. +39 0461 28 37 53

Sara Depedri

 Sara has been a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Trento and the research institute Issan for the last ten years. In 2008 she completed a doctorate in Law and Economy through the University of Sienna. For three years she has been conducting theoretical and empirical research through the Department of Economics at the University of Trento on social cooperation and employment relationships. At Euricse Sara coordinates research activities, tutors in the Master’s programme and is a member of the editorial board of the working paper series.

 M. sara.depedri(at)
T. +39 0461 28 37 48 

Paolo Fontana

With a degree in Sociology, Paolo began working with Issan in 2001 and then moved to Euricse. He organizes training events, conferences and seminars and was involved in the creation of the IRIS Network and the national Workshop on social enterprises. He is now the coordinator of the Training area for Euricse, managing the Master’s programme and trainings for leaders within the cooperative movement.

 M. paolo.fontana(at)
T. +39 0461 28 22 95

Barbara Franchini

Barbara Franchini has a MA degree at the University of Trento (Italy), with a thesis related to development issues. She has worked as a researcher at the Department of Economics, University of Trento and has a Master Diploma in Management of Non-Profit Organizations and Cooperatives at the same University. From 2003 to 2010 she worked in the field of international cooperation, serving non-governmental organizations, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN agencies in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Since September 2011 she has joined Euricse research team, where she is mainly engaged in the organization of the International Conference “Promoting the understanding of cooperatives for a better world”, a scientific event organized in partnership with Euricse and the International Cooperative Alliance in the framework of the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives.

M. barbara.franchini(at)
T. +39 0461 28 31 03

Giulia Galera

Giulia has a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences and a doctorate in International Studies. She began working at Issan as a researcher in 2000 and at Euricse she is now responsible for the Research area.

M. giulia.galera(at)
T. +39 0461 28 37 54

Jacopo Sforzi

Jacopo received B.A. in Political Science form University of Florence (Italy) and his PhD in Economic Sociology from University of Brescia (Italy). In the last years he has worked at the School on the Local Development (Trento) as a post-doctoral researcher within a project on the Cooperative Phenomenon in the agricultural modernization and rural development in the East European Countries. In the period 2010-2011 he has worked at Euricse as a post-doctoral researcher within a project on the role of Cooperative Banks in to promote local development. His main research interests are focused on local development, European Policy for rural areas, local institutions, cooperatives and public-private partnerships.

M. jacopo.sforzi(at)
T. +39 041 28 27 80

Federica Silvestri

Federica has worked with Professor Carlo Borzaga for over 20 years as an administrative assistant. At Euricse she provides general office management, oversees the editorial office and subscriptions for Impresa Sociale, and is responsible for editing Euricse’s Italian language publications. 

M. federica.silvestri(at)
T. +39 0461 28 22 89

Chiara Strano

Chiara has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Ferrara and a Master’s degree in European Business Law from the University of Besançon, France. Before joining Euricse in May 2009, she had various international experiences including an internship at Cooperatives Europe. At Euricse she works as a project officer in the Consulting area.

M. chiara.strano(at)
T. +39 0461 28 36 58

Francesca Tomasi

Francesca has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna and a Master’s degree in Peace-building and Conflict Management from the School of International Studies of Trento. Before joining Euricse in September 2008, she had various international experiences at the Italian Embassy in Paris, the Representation of Italian Universities in Brussels, the DG Research of the European Commission in Brussels, and at a local NGO in Nairobi. At Euricse she is responsible for administative activities and for the management of European projects

M. francesca.tomasi(at)
T. +39 0461 28 36 53

Flaviano Zandonai

With a degree in Sociology from the University of Trento, Flaviano has worked for over ten years in the social cooperation sector in Italy. At Euricse he works in Communications as a content editor. He is also a coordinator for the Iris Network, the Italian network of research institutes on social enterprises.  

M. flaviano.zandonai(at)
T. +39 0461 28 33 75