A new visiting researcher at Euricse

Millán Díaz-Foncea, assistant professor at University of Zaragoza

Millán Díaz-Foncea is a visiting researcher at Euricse during the month of January 2015. Millán has a B.A. in Business Management from the University of La Rioja (Spain) and received his PhD in Economics and Organizations Management from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) with a dissertation about the determinants of the creation of new cooperative firms in Spain and the role of the cooperative entrepreneur. From 2011 to 2012 he worked in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy as coordinator of the Regional Network on Solidarity Economy in Aragón (Spain). Since 2010 he is Assistant Professor at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and a member of the GESES Research Group, specialized on Social Economy, Social Enterprises, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Audit.

His research interest focuses on cooperative firms, social economy, social enterprises, determinant factors of new firms, role and motivations of cooperative entrepreneurs, comparative analysis.


“The purpose of my study visit here at Euricse is to know closely a reference center for cooperatives and social economy as EURICSE, in order to establish stable ties for joint research and create opportunities to carry out other projects of common interest. Likewise, the objective is to resume my research after the PhD, and advance new research lines basing on the possibilities and resources EURICSE can put at my disposal.”