With the goal developing a unified body of knowledge at the international level, Euricse prioritizes the open exchange of ideas among research centres and organisations both domestically and internationally. Euricse collaborates with numerous universities, research centres and domestic and international organisations. These partnerships, organized by country and by type of organisation, are listed in the Table bellow. Euricse is a long-term partner in two higher education activities that are promoted by the School on Local development at the University of Trento:

1. The Joint European Master in Comparative local development, which aims at imparting to its students, hailing from all over world, the knowledge and skills necessary to introduce, maintain and coordinate change and evolution on the local level. Euricse collaborates by supplying the teaching staff for some of the courses in the curriculum, and tutorship in support of those students who are interested in studying further those issues related to the role and potentialities of cooperatives and social enterprises in sustaining local development (at the moment there are 2 students that are under Euricse’s tutelage).

2. The International PhD programme in Local development and global dynamics, which embraces a specialisation in “Cooperatives, social enterprises and local development”, coordinated by Euricse. Beyond ensuring the availability of expert teaching staff, both Italian and international, the Institute supervises the research activity and tutors those doctoral students who have chosen this specialisation. Currently, Euricse is supervising the research activity of 5 students, whose scholarship the Institute funds. Assistance is also available to any student who shows an interest in the issues and topics that are the focus of Euricse’s research.

Euricse’s continuing collaborations are with the following partners:
EMES European Research Network: EMES is a European network that brings together research centres and individual researchers studying issues related to social enterprises and third-sector organizations in various European and extra-European countries. Beyond conducting multidisciplinary studies, EMES supports training programmes and organizes conferences and seminars on the international level. Euricse is a member of the EMES network.
UNDP / Bratislava Centre

In 2009 Euricse and EMES signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Development Programme Bratislava Regional Centre. The UNDP’s regional office for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States is active in 28 different countries and territories in Central and Eastern Europe, in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. UNDP works closely with its national partners- governments, civil society and private sector- within its mission.

EAFIT (Columbia)

EAFIT University aims at contributing to the social, economic, scientific and cultural progress of their country through the development of college and specialization programmes, empirical and applied research projects, and a constant open dialogue with the entrepreneurial and political world, in an international setting of ideological pluralism and academic excellence. In 2010 Euricse signed a memorandum of understanding with Medellin’s EAFIT University, agreeing to collaborate on scientific projects, exchange research and teaching staff, and translate and circulate the results and documentation related to each other’s research in the field of social economy. In February 2011, Euricse organized a month-long stay in Colombia, consisting in institutional-level meetings with regional and national policy- makers as well as teaching engagements held by prof. Silvio Goglio, prof. Carlo Borzaga and Euricse CEO, Gianluca Salvatori.  


In March 2010, Euricse signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Ambo, Ethiopia. This document is the foundation for future collaboration between Euricse and the Department of Cooperative Studies of the University of Ambo, which will span various activities, from the joint development of research projects, to student and research staff mobility between the two centres. A second document, following the MOU, defined more specifically the parameters of the collaboration, starting with a fellowship funded by Euricse to allow one researcher from the University of Ambo to attend the PhD program in Local Development and Global Dynamics at the University of Trento. Additionally, Euricse is working together with the University of Ambo on organizing a workshop in Addis Ababa on the role of cooperatives in local development.