The World Cooperative Monitor

The World Cooperative Monitor Report 2014 is now available.



The World Co-operative Monitor is a project designed to develop a ranking of the biggest co-operatives and mutual organizations worldwide based not only on turnover but also on social value.

In 2005 the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) began Global300, an initiative finalized to develop a list of the 300 biggest co-operatives and mutual organizations worldwide.With the addition of Euricse (European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises) as a technical-scientific partner, the new edition of the ICA report gains methodological strength. In order to expand and give more scientific basis to the project, Euricse and ICA have established a scientific committee consisting of Euricse researchers and other international experts with diverse training and skills. The result of this collaboration will be The World Co-operative Monitor.

To submit an application for inclusion, please fill in the Application form. The questionnaire includes questions about economic and social data aiming to take account of not only the economic but also the social impact of co-operatives.


There are many obvious benefits from this project, including:

  • Increasing the profile of co-operatives within their own industries and countries as well as internationally

  • Demonstrating the economic importance of co-operatives and mutuals to government and other regulatory agencies

  • Modeling good practice and highlighting successful co-operative business models and innovative approaches

  • Creating networks between co-operatives and mutuals within the World Co-operative Monitor for greater sharing of information, business intelligence and business opportunities.

  • Giving visibility to individual co-operatives in the main ranking and in sector/area/type sub-rankings.

  • Creating a much improved statistical and data methodology to allow for better analysis of performance and impact


To insert your data click on this link and follow the guidelines


Once logged in you will be asked about some financial and social impact related data to measure impact and build a composite ranking list.


Considering the high accessibility of data requested, higher-level organizations can also fill in multiple questionnaires for their member organizations, up to a maximum of 15 per sector/country/type



World Co-operative Monitor 2014