Appeal on the importance of cooperative banks for Europe's economic recovery and growth


Carlo Borzaga, the president of Euricse, launched an appeal on behalf of the community of experts from the cooperative world yesterday in Venice, during the international conference on cooperatives “Promoting the understanding of cooperatives for a better world”. He asked all the European Union heads of state and government, the EU’s governing bodies and the European banking authorities to pay more attention “to the role of cooperative banks in Europe’s economic recovery.”

His hope, shared by almost all of the international speakers at the conference, is that European banking policies learn to take into consideration the specific nature of cooperative banks, and local banks in general, in order to support Europe’s economic recovery.

The appeal is contained in a document which tackles the new regulations for the financial system in the EU, and was discussed today by Carlo Borzaga, former Italian Prime Minister and ex-president of the European Commission Romano Prodi, University of Cambridge and London School of Economics professor Sir Partha Dasgupta and Alessandro Azzi, the president of Federcasse, the Italian federation of cooperative banks.

It is now possible to support the initiative by signing the Appeal. Please send your name, organisation/affiliation and email address to