The publications in this section are the result of studies pertaining to cooperation and social enterprise conducted by national and international researchers, including both Institute staff and external collaborators. The aim of this section is to provide a resource for those interested in the topic of cooperative and social enterprises. The publications are divided in the following categories: papers, which are primarily scientific publications; journals, which includes an Italian language journal and an international, online, open access journal; and other publications, including a broader range of articles, books, citations, and other resources to deepen the understanding of the role and characteristics of cooperatives and social enterprises.

Euricse Working Papers: this series gathers scientific work, selected by the editor, from various national and international authors of particular interest for furthering scientific research on the sector. Euricse’s Working Paper Series is a cross-section of various disciplinary perspectives that encompass economics, law, sociology, history, and political science. All papers are made freely available online, primarily in English or Italian, and can be found on the SSRN web site as well.
Assorted Papers: this section is a collection of various papers published primarily, but not strictly, by Euricse researchers and collaborators. This includes short articles published in non-academic journals or magazines, articles presented in preliminary form at seminars or scientific conferences, or conference presentations. The purpose of these papers is to share knowledge with the wider public, often using non-academic terminology. 
JEOD: this is a scientific and peer reviewed journal, launched in 2011. The online, open access format makes important contributions widely available and accessible. All journal articles, published in English, are freely available for download online from the SSRN site as well.
Other Publications
Research Reports: this section includes the final reports from research projects sponsored by Euricse.
Documents: legal and policy documents regarding the cooperative sector and social enterprise.
Books: books produced by Euricse and published in electronic, open access format.
Book series: soon to be launched is a series of scientific, English language publications, as well as a series of non-academic books dedicated to “Cooperative Studies” in collaboration with an Italian publisher. This section also includes an annotated bibliography with the reviews of selected recent books related to topics of interest to the Institute.
Online Bibliography: the bibliography contains references to the main  publications on cooperation and social enterprise, organized by topic.


The Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD) focuses on the subject of entrepreneurial diversity, encompassing therefore all enterprise types and models. JEOD seeks to serve as the principal outlet for theoretical and empirical research on the entrepreneurial phenomenon in its myriad of forms. We place strong emphasis on the determinants and the effects of entrepreneurial diversity as well as on comparisons between different types of enterprise and their aims.Further, JEOD welcomes research on diversity within particular forms (e.g., different ownership and governance models, companies organized to take social responsibility into account, entrepreneurial networks) as well as studies on new forms, such as social enterprises. Statistical and econometric models and applications are welcome. JEOD is an international journal published in English. The scientific committee and editorial board are composed of leading scholars from various disciplines, including economists, historians, jurists, political scientists, social psychologists, sociologists and statisticians. We aim to publish high quality, path-breaking papers, subject to double-blind peer review. In order to maximize readership, distribution, and consequently visibility in scholarly debate, JEOD is published online in a free, open access format, with articles published as they are accepted. This, along with the use of online submission and peer review software (Editorial Manager), allow for free and rapid communication across the scientific community.