Financial cooperatives and local development

Silvio Goglio
Yiorgos Alexopoulos

This book examines the opportunities opened up for financial cooperatives by the recent financial crisis, and explores the role of these institutions in promoting and sustaining local development.

Cooperation in Italy - 1st Euricse Report


This research project stems from the realization that in Italy there is a dearth of official statistical information on the cooperative sector, in spite of the important role that this sector plays for the national economy. Above all, there is a lack of research that describes the cooperative sector from the point of view of its specificities, enabling a first estimate of the relevance of this sector in the Italian economy, and its capacity to create wealth, employment, gross domestic product, development, and social wellbeing.

Social Housing Open Book


Over the past year, Euricse has engaged in a research and local action process centered on social housing. Over time the range of activities has widened, testifying to the importance of this issue in Trento and its province.

La riforma delle società cooperative

Carlo Borzaga
Antonio Fici

This book is available only in Italian language: Borzaga-Fici

Trends and challenges for co-operatives and social enterprises in developed and transition countries

Carlo Borzaga
Roger Spear

Recent years have witnessed a new interest in co-operative organisations, especially as a consequence of their transformation and expansion in new fields of activity. These two phenomena are connected, since transformation appears to be the prerequisite for expanding activities in new areas and as such, are worthy of specific analysis.

L'impresa sociale in prospettiva europea

Carlo Borzaga
Jacques Defourny

The book is available only in Italian language here: Borzaga-Defourny