Mobility projects involve researchers from Euricse and from other European and international research centers and universities, and are aimed at strengthening the relationship with institutes that are engaged in research similar to Euricse’s, in order to develop joint research activities.

Euricse regularly hosts researchers with varying levels of experience through our visiting programme. Senior researchers are asked to contribute via participation in research activities, seminars and projects, so as to share their experience and knowledge.

Euricse offers early-stage researchers the opportunity to deepen research themes of their interest (also in the course of doctorate studies), within the topics of study of Euricse, offering them scientific supervision and logistical support (a workspace, housing, access to the library, etc.). In 2010, Euricse hosted two early-stage researchers (from Ethiopia and China) and three senior researchers (from Germany, Canada, and the United States).

In 2010, Euricse hosted two earlystage researchers (from Ethiopia and China) and three senior researchers (from Germany, Canada, and the United States).

During 2011, various delegations and numerous visitors were hosted as part of several different activities and projects. Three senior researchers from outside Italy (Canada, South Corea and the United States) spent individual study periods of between 10 and 15 days at Euricse.

During 2012, visiting researchers were hosted as part of a range of activities and projects, as were two official delegations from the cooperative movement. Two senior researchers from Israel spent periods of individual study (between 10 and 15 days) at Euricse. Two other professors also visited Euricse for shorter periods (from the United States and Chile).


Yifat Solel, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Attorney and researcher at the University of Tel Aviv, specializing in social rights legislation. She held a seminar at Euricse in March 2012 on the social protest developments that characterized social and political life in Israel in 2011 and on how the cooperative organizational model can benefit...

Benjamin Gidron, Academic College "Beiy Berl" (Israel)

Director of the Israeli Social Enterprise Research Center at the Beit Berl Academic College and Professor Emeritus at Ben Gurion University of Negev, where he founded the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research, which he directed for 12 years. An expert in kibbutzes, he held a seminar at Euricse in...

Sangjin Hahn, University of Ulsan (South Korea)

Professor Sangjin Hahn is interested in studying the Italian model of social cooperatives and the OCSE LEED programme, with a particular focus on training programmes for the elderly.  

Judith Harris, University of Winnipeg (Canada)

Professor Judith Harris is interested in the social economy, indigenous issues, participatory research methods and ownership and participation by workers and women. She visited various social cooperatives in Trentino in order to make a comparative study with examples from Winnipeg.  

Ann Hoyt, University of Wisconsin (United States)

 Professor Ann Hoyt has spent many years researching and developing training modules for consumer cooperatives. Recently she has become interested in the activities of cooperatives within a prison environment and so she visited various cooperatives for rehabilitating prisoners and former prison...

François Brouard, Carleton University, Ottawa (Canada)

Associate professor and Director of the Sprott Centre for Social Enterprises (SCSE), and Sprott School of Business. Research interests: social enterprises and social entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship and SMEs; governance; performance analysis. Outcome: seminar "Exploring dimensions of Canadian...

Gayle Broad, Università di Algoma (Canada)

Associate professor in the Community Economic and Social Development (CESD) program at Algoma University, in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Professor Broad has a 20-years experience as community organizer. In the last five years, she was a prominent point of reference for reaserches about North Ontario...