The primary objectives of Euricse’s training activity are the divulgation and practical application of the body of knowledge produced by the research projects, as well as to develop and organize training programmes tailored to the specific needs of our members. Our training programmes are directed towards:


1 / recent graduates, through core courses with a perspective also towards future employment;

2 / young researchers, creating the opportunity for study and exchange opportunities; and

3 / managers and practitioners in the sector, through professional development and training courses.


2010 was a particularly important year since it witnessed the development of a number or new programmes, including the Summer school, a management training on innovation in cooperatives and social enterprises, and two European projects (Ariadne- training for managers in the social economy and Prometeus - supporting social enterprises in Romania through research, education and practical training), while the established programmes (such as the Masters in management of social enterprises- now in its fifteenth edition- and other trainings for our members), remained active.


The training area also participated, together with a group of organizations from Trentino, in the implementation of an intensive programme for a study group visiting from Columbia. This course gave rise to a deeper collaboration with the Francisco de Paula Santander University in Bogotà, Columbia, consisting in delivering courses in their post-graduate training “Diplomado en gobernabilidad y desarrollo territorial” (governance and local development). 


Going forward, an important objective will be the completion of a feasibility study for the creation of a Social Business School, an institution of international calibre focused on the values and  specific characteristics of social and cooperative enterprises.