Training projects

EUCoopC | European Coop Campus

The aim of the project is to improve the skills of the members and managers of cooperatives with particular regard to the characteristics, values and principles of co-operative identity.


Ariadne, the managerial guidance in Social Economy based on intrinsic skills, competences and values: commitment, behaviour and motivation

The project aims to transfer a French innovative training package on management in the Social Economy to other European countries (a training programme on the Social Economy and Management for managers of Social Economy organisations, launched by ESCEM in March 2009), and to improve and enrich it by confronting it with materials existing in some of the other partnering countries. 


 PROMETEUS  – Promoting social economy in Romania through research, education and training at European standards  
The project aims to promote the social economy in Romania (cooperatives and social enterprises )as an instrument for generating jobs, economic development and social inclusion. Its main objectives are:
  • developing  scientific research  and university teaching in the field of social economy in Romania;
  • raising the visibility of the Romanian social enterprises in order to increase  public support needed for their development;
  • promoting favorable public policies for the development of social enterprises in Romania;
  • developing  and raising  performances of 120 Romanian social enterprises through training programs and consultancy.